Apple Introduces iBeacon Technology

Texas-based sales executive Sean Delph works as a senior account manager and director of sales at the technology services organization Delcom Group, LP. In addition to his training and sales roles within the firm, Sean Delph also provides expertise as an Apple integration consultant and an audio visual consultant.

Business Insider recently reported that multinational corporation Apple has released iBeacon technology inside its United States stores. iBeacon is defined as an indoor positioning system that pinpoints a specific user’s location, and then uses radio transmitters to send packets of information to that user’s iBeacon-enabled device. In the current context, this allows Apple to track users as they travel around their stores, and to interact with their Apple devices.

The iBeacon service, a new feature in iOS 7, is designed to help customers make the most of the Apple store experience. iBeacon can be utilized to give customers directions to an in-store item by using their location, to inform them of nearby deals, or to send an alert when orders are ready for pickup. The technology has already attracted the attention of executives at Major League Baseball, who are looking forward to using iBeacon at American ballparks.


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