The Best Places to Bass Fish in Texas

Bass Fishing Texas pic
Bass Fishing Texas

Sean Delph has earned the top company sales ranking for 10 consecutive years in his role as director of sales with Delcom Group, LP, in Lewisville, Texas. Outside of his professional pursuits, Sean Delph participates in a wide range of outdoor activities, such as bass fishing.

Bass fishing has been a favored pastime of many Texans for half a century. With numerous lakes and reservoirs, Texas features several popular spots that bass fishers flock to each year. When looking for prime bass-fishing locations, anglers should consider the following:

Caddo Lake
A historic reservoir, Caddo Lake straddles the border of Texas and Louisiana. With average depths of approximately 10 feet, this is an excellent spot for those looking to fish in shallow water. Here, anglers can not only find largemouth and yellow bass but also a steady supply of chain pickerel.

Lake Amistad
Remotely located near Del Rio, this clear-water reservoir spans nearly 65,000 surface acres across Mexico and Texas. Throughout the years, Lake Amistad’s large bass have drawn prominent fishing competitions, such as the 2007 Bassmaster Elite Series.

Choke Canyon Reservoir
This reservoir covers more than 25,000 acres of water originating from the Frio River watershed. With depths of over 95 feet, Choke Canyon features an ample supply of largemouth and white bass. If looking for a smaller catch, anglers can also fish for bluegill and crappie at this location.


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