New Projectors Increase Collaboration in the Classroom

Delcom Group pic
Delcom Group

As sales director at Delcom Group, LP, in Lewisville, Texas, Sean Delph has achieved standing as the company’s top sales performer for a decade. Through this work, Sean Delph has developed proficiency in selling educational technology, such as audio visual (AV) systems for classrooms. As today’s learning environments evolve to foster more interaction, solutions providers are meeting emerging classroom needs by introducing collaborative AV technologies.

In recent years, projectors have become interactive devices that provide multiuser, multi-touch-point support. Recent projector market entrants have taken interactivity a step further by supporting input using a finger instead of requiring a pen. With these technologies, teachers can group students into teams and create game-like lessons that stimulate understanding and retention of key concepts. Because of these advances, many schools are viewing interactive projectors as a potential alternative to interactive whiteboard technologies.

As far as costs, some contemporary projectors do not use traditional projector lamps, which can be expensive and difficult to replace. Although lamp-free projectors initially had prices that were cost-prohibitive to some, more affordable options from well-known manufacturers are now available.


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