Determining Eye Dominance for Archery

Eye Dominance pic
Eye Dominance

Delcom Group’s senior account manager Sean Delph hires new sales representatives and facilitates the creation of marketing materials. In his leisure time, Sean Delph practices archery.

In order to get the best results in archery, you need to determine your dominant eye, also called the power or master eye. Knowing which eye dominates helps you decide whether to use a right-handed or a left-handed bow. It is better if the “handedness” of your bow can match your dominant eye.

Any of three tests can identify your dominant eye. In the Miles test, version A, extend your hands out in front of you. Turn your palms outward. Overlap your thumbs and fingers to form a small V-shaped opening.

Use this hole to find an object at least 10 feet away. Look through it first with both eyes, then shut one eye and look. Then do the same with the other eye open. You should see the object in the opening with one eye shut, and off to the side with the other shut. The eye that holds the object in the window is your dominant one.

The Miles test version B is similar. Place your hands as before and find out which eye keeps steady on the object. Keeping the object framed in the opening, draw your hands back to your face. Notice whether the hole is on the right side or left side of your face – your dominant eye is on that side.

In the Porta test, extend your arm and point at a distant object. Keep both eyes open as you point to the object with a thumb or finger. Close alternate eyes as before. The eye that stays over the object is your dominant eye.


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