CrossFit: High Intensity Conditioning for All Skill Levels



Sales Director Sean Delph has been with Delcom Group, LP, in Lewisville, Texas, since 2002. He has achieved top sales in the company for ten consecutive years, and his accounts carry 40 percent of the company’s revenue. His responsibilities include managing key enterprise accounts and mentoring new salespeople. Sean Delph is also a CrossFit enthusiast.

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning fitness regimen created by Greg Glassman that has gained global popularity with a current network of over 11,000 affiliates. Characterized by group sessions with a low client-to-coach ratio, workouts are short and moves are based on constantly varying functional movements executed at high intensity. The goal is to enhance competency in all physical tasks, forcing the body to adapt broadly and quickly. In the process, clients maximize the following abilities: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, power, agility, coordination, accuracy, and balance.

Gyms are often characterized by camaraderie and an inclusive feel. However, since competitiveness during workouts is thought to provide motivation, team members are ranked on a whiteboard at the end of each session. Another of the main tenets of CrossFit is safety; to avoid injury, clients are encouraged to be sure that their form is correct, and to know when their body needs to stop. Helpfully, CrossFit can be scaled so that all ages and skill levels can benefit and improve their fitness level.


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