Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center Receives Funds for School Uniforms


Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center Image: dcac.org
Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center
Image: dcac.org

Leveraging a career in technology and sales since 2002, Sean Delph serves as senior account manager and director of sales of Delcom Group, a technology integration firm based in Lewisville, Texas. Outside of his professional pursuits, Sean Delph volunteers with various organizations, including the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center.

Launched in 1991, the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) works to bring about justice for children who have experienced abuse. The nonprofit also provides therapy and support programs for victims, seeks prosecution in abuse cases, and leads education programs for the public.
Recently, the organization received funds from the Tedesco Agency, a nonprofit that leads campaigns to raise money for various causes.

The money raised will go towards the purchase of school uniforms for the youngest clients of DCAC. The goal for the fundraiser was $500. Through these efforts, participants will be given a chance to further share the mission and work of DCAC while giving young children who’ve experienced much turmoil in their lives a chance to have quality clothing for school.


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