An Example of Technology Integration in the Classroom

Delcom Group pic
Delcom Group

As the senior account manager and director of sales for the Lewisville, Texas-based Delcom Group, Sean Delph holds sales meetings every month and reports sales statistics and forecasts to the company’s chief executive officer. Sean Delph has served on staff since 2002.

Technology integration is the act of utilizing multiple technology sources together to create specific outcomes in a space. In the education system, integration technology looks like the incorporation of technology within the day-to-day activities of a classroom. Technology, in this case, is used by teachers to enhance the learning experiences of students. This goes beyond simply having computers in the classroom to be used only at specific times or with specific subjects.

There are various ways to include technology use in the classroom. One idea includes accessing the weather forecast online utilizing a projector and internet access. Students can view the weather forecast of a site like the Weather Channel and determine the weather for the day or week, and view the weather in other locations and in different languages.


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