A Brief Overview of Barco’s ClickShare

Barco’s ClickShare pic
Barco’s ClickShare
Image: barco.com

A Texas resident, Sean Delph has dedicated more than a decade to the Delcom Group, a full-service technology integration company. As the sales director, Sean Delph has sold substantial services that make up nearly half the company’s revenue and earned him a place as one of the top sales professionals in the organization.

Among companies the Delcom Group partners with to offer collaborative audio visual system services is Barco. The company is a supplier of networked visualization products that cater to a variety of markets, including health care and entertainment.

Barco’s many technology solutions includes a wireless presentation system dubbed ClickShare. ClickShare offers four products that enhance collaboration and improve decision-making processes during meetings. The products connect participants to a central meeting room screen, which allows them to share content from their laptops, smartphones, and tablets with others at the click of a button in a seamless process that engages meeting participants.

ClickShare accommodates all sized meeting rooms. The CSM-1 model caters to standard meeting rooms, while CS-100 and CSE-200 serve smaller settings. CSE-200 can also support medium-sized rooms. For larger settings that host high-profile meetings, such as boardrooms, CSC-1 is suitable due to its expanded feature set.