Why Breed Texas Longhorns?

Texas Longhorns pic
Texas Longhorns
Image: tlbaa.org

An accomplished technology professional, Sean Delph serves as sales director for Delcom Group, LC, a comprehensive technology integration firm located in Lewisville, Texas. Aside from technology, Sean Delph has an interest in food and farming, and he recently started raising Texas longhorns.

The Texas longhorn breed of cattle was originally brought to North America by Spanish explorers. Currently bred for their meat and beautiful horns, and for their ability to maintain pastures, the breed is hardy and intelligent, which has allowed it to continue to thrive over the years.

Longhorns forage on almost anything, making them an economical choice for breeders. They can keep a pasture in control with their grazing, and they also produce a lean, low-fat, and low-cholesterol meat similar to deer and elk.

The horns of the Texas longhorn grow rapidly, often reaching a tip-to-tip length of 30 inches in the first year. The longest tip-to-tip length on record measures 109 inches. The horns may be sold for decoration, but they also deter predators — another reason for the longevity of the breed.