Major Improvements to Apple’s iOS 10 in Maps and Messages

Apple’s iOS 10 pic
Apple’s iOS 10

Sean Delph is a longtime technology executive who engages with services provider Delcom Group as sales director. Also a systems integration consultant, Sean Delph has a focus on optimizing Apple products functionality for his clients.

With the release of iPhone 7, improvements in software have been lauded as a key reason for purchasing a new device. One area of iOS 10 focus has been Messages, which is completely revamped to give Facebook Messenger competition in the social communication sphere. With Messages now open to developers, the platform promises to provide users with a more interactive experience. Already, companies such as Nintendo have released special stickers in support of mobile game launches and other brand campaigns.

Another area of significant improvement in iOS 10 centers on Apple Maps, which has reached parity with Google Maps, and seamlessly integrates with public transportation information in many cities. As with Messages, Apple has opened its Maps application to developers, so that extras such as geolocated business reviews and ride-sharing services are already appearing.