Sean Delph and Delcom Group Partner with Perot Museum

Perot Museum pic
Perot Museum

Sean Delph serves as director of sales for Delcom Group, an integration technology company based in Lewisville, Texas. Sean Delph, also a manager of central enterprise accounts, has been with Delcom Group since 2002.

In 2012, Delcom Group’s integration services were used in the running wall exhibit in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science’s Sports Hall. The 55-foot interactive wall enables children to race virtual projections of former Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones, World Olympic Gymnastics Academy Level 10 gymnast Emily Richardson, a 3D life-sized cheetah, and a 3D life-sized Tyrannosaurus rex. The high-profile installation is the centerpiece of the museum’s 180,000-square-foot, $185 million facility.

First, participants interact with a touchscreen to decide who (or what) they want to race: Jones, Richardson, the cheetah, or the T. rex. Next, they are instructed to head to the starting line and wait for the countdown. After a three-count, the race begins, and children run alongside a life-like video figure to the finish line. The exhibit, a collaboration between Delcom Group, 900lbs of Creative, and BenQ America Corp, has proven to be one of the museum’s most popular.