Integrated VOIP a Key to Apple’s Strategy for Seamless Calling

Integrated VOIP pic
Integrated VOIP

A respected technology executive, Sean Delph serves as sales director with Delcom Group. Sean Delph provides client-tailored custom audio-visual technology solutions, and has particular experience in Apple products and systems integration. One area in which Apple has made significant strides is in allowing system wide permissions for third party messaging apps and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Geared toward mobile devices, this represents a major improvement because it now enables calls made through VOIP systems such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp to be handled as if they were native calls.

iOS 10 also has analytics in place that recall which apps are used to contact specific people and set that VOIP channel as default. This has the potential to solve the issues encountered involving having to remember which VOIP is used for each friend or contact.

In addition, incoming VoIP calls will ring and can be answered in the same way as calls within the native phone app are. Messages left with missed calls will have the contents transcribed, such that they can easily be read and responded to. These improvements also extend to the workplace through a new Apple and Cisco partnership that benefits remote workers and businesses that must coordinate their activities.